Treatment Services

Garden City, Kansas

City on a Hill, Inc., of Garden City, Kansas, offers outpatient treatments in a structured and supportive environment for men, women, and adolescents dealing with substance addiction and recoveryissues. Our treatment programs are designed to help men, women, and adolescents take control and care of their lives, offering them the opportunity to make the most out of their personal lives and careers.

Marienthal, Kansas and Sedan, Kansas

City on a Hill, Inc., of Marienthal, Kansas, residential center for women ages 18 and up. These programs offer residential treatment for women. Specializing in substance abuse issues as they relate to trauma women face in their lifetime. Utilizing the curriculum:

Helping Women Recover:
Creating Gender-Responsive Treatment
Stephanie S. Covington, Ph.D., L.C.S.W.

Liberal, Kansas

Charissa Bradford Is the Program Director For this 90 Day adult womens residential program.. 

Our Liberal Reintegration Licensed Addiction Counselor is Jessica Jording BS LAC.

Our Outpatient Licensed Addiction Counselor is Dev Hewler LBSW  LAC.

Our Liberal Office offers the following alcohol and drug treatment services:  

Diagnostic Assessments for Alcohol and Drug conditions, and Referral Services. 

Level Of Care (LOC 1)-Outpatient Treatment Services (both group and individual services).

Level Of Care (LOC 3.1) 90-Day Reintegration Program. This program offers therapy, a structured living, and support for those striving to re-acclimate into society after previous inpatient treatment, or incarceration, or those that require a higher LOC than outpatient treatment services. 

In addition, our Liberal facility also provides a Batterer's Intervention Program (BIP) that is certified by the Kansas Attorney General's Office; moreover, we provide a 26-week Criminal Diversion Program (CDP) that was developed in collaboration with the Seward County District Attorney's Office; City On A Hill-Liberal also provides Alcohol and Drug Information School (ADIS) classes monthly in both Spanish and English to better serve the population. 

Also, Liberal also offers a Peer Mentoring Program titled, For The Greater Good: Peer Mentoring Program At City On A Hill.

This program establishes a close relationship between the mentor and the mentee that takes place between a person who has been living in recovery for a long period of time and a person who is new to the recovery process. Our Peer Mentors are certified through the Kansas Department of Aging and Disability Services. The Kansas Certified Peer Mentor (KCPM) provides recovery support through a process of giving and receiving non-professional, non-clinical assistance to help self and others in achieving long-term recovery from alcohol and/or other drug use related problems.  The Peer Mentor provides education, recreation, and support opportunities (church, AA, NA, financial, and other community resources). The Peer Mentor may challenge the mentee with new ideas, and encourage the mentee to move beyond the things that are most comfortable. Through the Peer Mentor’s certification and experience, the KCPM will assist mentees in the beginning stages of recovery, how to sustain sobriety while empowering and enhancing the mentees skills and abilities needed to improve the quality of personal and family life throughout his/her journey on the path of recovery.

Marienthal, Ks. Adult Women's Residential Facility

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Sedan, Ks. Adult Women's Residential Facility

Liberal, Ks. Adult Women's  Reintegration Sober Living








Personal & Spiritual Work

New techniques for treating substance abuse and helping stem the tide of addiction are in great demand. Our facility takes a holistic and faith-based approach to recovery, experiencing positive results across the board. We place a great emphasis on parenting skills, employment opportunities, education, and spiritual growth.

We provide a full range of personal services at our live-in facility. Operating 24 hours a day, diagnostic and primary care services are available to all incoming patients and residents. We also pride ourselves in working closely with mental health  professionals in our community to deal with co-occruing disorders.

Patients Entering the Facility Will Be:
• Detoxified
• Ambulatory
• Capable of Self-Care
• Free of Major Medical & Psychiatric Care
Our Treatment Services Include:
• Individual, Group, & Family Counseling
• Alcohol & Drug Abuse Services
• Alcohol & Drug Assessments
• Alcohol & Drug Information
• Outpatient Counseling
• DUI Evaluations
• Intermediate Care
• Referral Services
• SB123 Certified

Contact our offices in Garden City, Kansas, for more information about our substance recovery services and live-in facilities.